Sunday, July 13, 2014

Body love baby steps... a 7 day challenge.

I was thinking today about how when it comes to body love, body acceptance... sometimes just plain I don't want to hate my body anymore... you have to start where you are.  

For many of us, where we are is that we're not even walking around this planet 'present' in our bodies.  That can happen for all kinds of reasons.  Whether it's long ago trauma, current day abuse, ordinary stress, or having derogatory comments hurled at you as you walk down the street we have disconnected from our bodies and we're completely numb to our feelings.  It seems safer that way.  And numbing out begets numbing out.  

I had a total eye opener one time when I was listening to Brene' Brown talk about how we can't just selectively numb our feelings.  We don't get to just numb the unpleasant ones.  When we numb pain, guess what... we also numb joy.

I don't want to live in a world without joy in my life.  So, I have to start where I am on any given day.  That's all any of us can do.  The mountains we have to climb usually feel way too big to start anywhere other than where we are in this moment.

So this week, I'm offering up a 7 day challenge.  Let's get purposefully present in our bodies each day this week.  You can use the suggestions I'm offering, or come up with ones that fit for you.  But what's required is that you spend a few minutes, with intention and focus, paying attention to how your body feels doing something.  Below are some suggestions.  Please post your own.  Bonus points if you post a pic of yourself doing whatever it is you're doing!

Swing your hips- put on some music that moves you and let it... well, move you.
Luxuriate in bed naked.
Go for a skinny dip, or a chunky dunk.
Fill a bath with something bubbly and have a soak.
Snuggle down and take a nap.
Enjoy an orgasm.
Work up a sweat doing something outdoors.