Sunday, July 12, 2015

How beautiful it is when we feel ourselves opening

Personal growth comes in spurts, doesn't it?  

Sometimes I feel like I'm just humming right along and then a moment happens and I feel myself opening.  Opening to acknowledgement of a stumble, opening to awareness, opening to the possibility new and deeper relationships... just opening to possibility.  All that came from a 60 minute conversation this morning with someone the Universe unexpectedly put on my path a few months ago.  I was inspired by someone I saw speaking beautiful and powerful poetry on the internet.  I reached out.  She reached back.  Now I get to call this amazing woman my friend.  Boom.  Across the jungles of time and space, our paths crossing in a particularly serendipitous way.   

I'm blessed to learn some lessons from this new friend.  Blessed that she can extend a bit of grace to cover my unintended privilege blunder.  Blessed that she can help me see that I'm looking at things through a too small lens.  Blessed to hear her affirming words about what I'm trying to create. Blessed to hear her say "It's limitless".

Today, I'm sitting in that possibility.  Here, in my big comfie chair, in my pj's... her words ringing in my ears... I'm opening to that true fact.  It's limitless... I am limitless.   And so it is.  And so I let it be.