Thursday, October 15, 2015

World peace and thin thighs

photo credit: the inter-webs

Tonight, while sitting out in my yard on a beautiful Tucson evening, I was blessed by a shooting star. 

For years, the dialogue in my head on these occasions has always been that using a wish on myself was selfish and thus, is virtually guaranteed to not be granted.  

I think this notion came from my adolescence when I heard joke about a beauty queen who said if she had one wish it would be for 'world peace and thin thighs... but I don't really care that much about world peace".   Even then, as a kid, when I dedicated a lot of energy to hating my body, I knew the meaning behind the joke.  So for years, I've wished on every opportunity for world peace.  These days, at almost fifty years old, I don't put a whole lot faith stars and wishing.   

The adult me is a big believer in the law of attraction, visioning and positive affirmations/prayers.  I believe that when you put your deepest desires out there, and you move in that direction, the Universe, God, whatever  name you want to use, sets the whole thing in motion.  

I've used the law of attraction for some of the best adventures of my life.  Stacey and I had a wonderful European adventure for my 30th birthday and I worked for several years in the film industry to name just two.    

So, I doubled up tonight when I saw that shooting star with my wish and affirmative prayer.  
World Peace... and so it is.

You're welcome.