Friday, December 9, 2016

It's hard to be a human

It's hard to be a human.  I have things in my life that I believe and know to be profound truths for me.  I've tested and proven them to myself time and time again.  And yet, even though these truths are known to me, believed by me to be good for me...  It happens far too often that I some how look up from where I am in life and realize that I've moved away from those good and true things.  Those good and true ways of being that serve me well when I'm in the flow of life and honoring them some how disappear over and over.  I'm left to stumble around until I find my way back to them.

How does that happen?  I am a strong and capable woman.  I am generally speaking, living my life consciously.    And if I'm brutally honest,  I struggle to string together consecutive months at a time when I am purposeful, balanced and focused on living my best life.

I actually do the best when I think of myself as someone else that I am in charge of taking care of, tending to.  If I were actually a small child in my care, I would certainly look for meals, set the table, not eat in the car, get enough sleep, go outside to play, have naps, eat a vegetable now and then.  So, why don't I do those things now?

The answer that springs to mind is because I'm exhausted.  I'm so busy working, building a new business, taking care of home, husband, family members who need support that I have no time to tend to myself.  But surely, one of those profound truths is that if we don't take care of ourselves, we cannot possibly be our best selves with other, for others.

I want to do better.

It's hard to be a human.  Be gentle with yourselves friends.