Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In the flow... Synchrodipity

Lately I've been absolutely marveling at the 'coincidences' that have been popping up in my life.  Some, small and seemingly insignificant, others larger and more meaningful.  I suppose everyone experiences these things at different times in their lives.  These kinds of moments are known by many names, synchronicity, chance, happenstance, serendipity.  I decided to look up some of these definitions today and they all have different meanings, but all are sort of in the same ballpark and people tend to use them interchangeably.  When I was poking around the internet, I found this combination-- synchrodipity and love the definition:

Synchrodipity--A delightful unfolding of events or manifestation of intention that seems to be evidence of a benevolent Universal intelligence or inter-contentedness of all things.  Also, the sense of well being that results from the common experience of being in the Flow.    (Slade Roberson)

As I celebrate my 48th trip around the sun today, I'm keenly aware of being in the flow right now and I'm filled with gratitude.  Here's to another year.  God willing, I'll be more open to the flow, to love and to being a better human being each day I'm here.

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