Monday, November 11, 2013

Something I read in the Huff Post got me thinking today.  Before I'd even finished the blog post, I'd decided to create a new life management system, sort of a 'Care and Feeding of Timalee' plan.  It's been a long time in development, but then all the best systems have.  Like Weight Watchers, there may be a slightly new version out every year around 'resolution' season.  It's a plan I can live with and re-join anytime if I fall off the wagon.

1- get enough sleep
2- strive to be fully present in all emotional states (not just pleasant ones)
3- reach out on more days than not
4- eat foods you like, and choose real food more often than not
5- be thankful for the body you live in, you only get the one
6- find ways to move the body you live in that you enjoy and do it often
7- zero tolerance on crappy self talk (body related and otherwise)
8- stay proactive about nurturing my marriage
9- drink lots of water
10- good sex, coupled and otherwise (thanks Huff Post for permission to say that!)
11- take risks, especially when afraid to do so
12- nurture creativity
13- manage the drudgery of household tasks so that weekend time is for fun
14- live within my means
15- minimize mainstream media's influence in my life
16- listen to music I love every day
17- check in with my body before, during and after eating to fine tune to it's needs
18- schedule and take regular getaways with my hubs
19- regularly partake in reflective practices

I've been saying for a long time, that I know intuitively how to care for myself, I just need to find the 'give a damn switch' and flip it.  Something deep inside myself feels like I just did.  How odd, that after waiting years for it to happen again, it should happen on a random quiet Saturday afternoon after waking from a nap, house quiet.    Or then again, maybe not so odd.

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