Sunday, January 19, 2014

Beautiful You... a place to be. (remember 'being'?)

At Beautiful You we're working toward some pretty big goals.  We're working to build an online community where women engage and support each other through interactions in online forums, via social media channels and in person at an amazing retreat experience.

We're all making our way through our lives the best we can.  We need a place to learn and practice new skills. A safe place to take a good look at our lives, acknowledge what works and to support us as we bless and release what doesn't serve us any longer.  We want this to be a place for all of us to be, become and belong.

Let's talk about 'being'.   Most of us work, take care of partners, families.  We volunteer in our places of worship, schools, community organizations.  Often we put our own needs, wants and deepest desires away somewhere.  That's all 'doing'.  We do and do and do- giving away all our energy to others.   I'm no exception, I struggle just like everyone else.   What's left for us?

How do you define for yourself what it is to just 'be'?

How do you recognize when you're lost in doing and not spending enough time in being?

How do you pull yourself out out of doing and back into being?

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Take a little time to 'be' this weekend.

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