Friday, February 10, 2017

Emergency Action Guides and Rough Day Books

I had the pleasure of spending a little time today at Discount Tire.  While the good folks got me all fixed up with a new tire, I happened to notice this large flip guide on the wall.  It reminded me so much of the Brave Girls Club tool we create called a Rough Day Book.

No matter how much 'work' we do on ourselves, how purposeful our lives... the rough days ARE going to come.  And when they come, it's best to have a personal action plan to guide us in how to best survive them.

The pages contained in my Rough Day book aren't really laid out like Discount Tires action guide, but I really love it and I think I will start adding some pages with tabs for things like:

  • When dealing with a narcissist
  • When a beloved hurts you 
  • When you disappoint yourself 
  • When the wheels completely come off the train
  • When you need a time out

If you could use a Rough Day Book as your emergency action guide, there's a class coming up this Thursday, February 16th from 6-9pm.  All materials are provided and you'll add your own wisdom to be your guide for when those days happen.  You can register here and use discount code Newyear to get 75% off! 

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