Friday, February 10, 2017

Fragile... handle with care

Wouldn't it be awesome if we had stickers like this to help others understand when we're feeling tender?

When we are living an authentic life, how we present ourselves in the world is almost like we do have "fragile" stickers on our foreheads.  When we are authentic we can let needs be known and that gives our beloveds a chance to support us.  Just as we are blessed when we give support to others, they are blessed when we allow others to support us in our times of need.  It's a gift really, a gift for both people.

Such was the case for me this week.  The state of our country and the events in my own world had piled up on me like a 5 car wreck all in one day.  I let myself be vulnerable and shared on my Facebook wall that I was feeling very thin in my resilience.  Soon my cup overflowed with an outpouring of virtual love when I shared that I was struggling.

And today... today came a heartfelt message from an incredible woman in my circle that made my heart soar.  In truth, I've known her since she was a little girl. I'm blessed that we've reconnected as peers now.  We all have those people who have really impacted our lives and our growth and she was kind enough today to reach out and tell me that I have been that for her.  It brings up such powerful emotions as I read her words that their impact will be felt by me for a long, long time.

I'm wondering if we can't increase the ripple of this kindness she started today.  Won't you take a moment to identify someone in your life who has made a big impact and reach right now to tell them so?  I hope you will.  The world needs more kindness, don't you agree?

Join the circle.  Have some fun.  Feel the love.

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