Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Circle of Women

There's something so powerful about sitting in circle with women.  I'm blessed to be able to part of a facilitator team for a women's retreat.  Together we have had the opportunity to provide an introduction to circles to many women who hadn't ever experienced this feeling of community before.

So, what's the magic in those moments?  Is it all participants being equal?  Is it each having the time they need to speak what needs to be spoken?  Perhaps it's the special gift one gets from witnessing the stories of other women.  Each woman's words, each woman's story stands on it's own... not to be contradicted, or supplemented or retold by anyone else.  

Tomorrow it begins anew.  We gather again with a new group of women.  We'll all settle in, unplug from the workaday world, from kids, from all our devices.  I'm headed for a beautiful weekend and I hope that you are too.

What will you do for yourself this weekend?  Set your intention and post it here so we can support you.

See you next week.


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