Wednesday, September 25, 2013

No good reason...

I was shopping at Target today when I happened on this fabulous item.  For a moment, right there in the aisle, my inner child ("I want it!")and my grown up ("It's $20 bucks"..."What on earth would we do with it"... "Where would we wear it?" waged a little battle of wills.

Sadly the grown up won and I decided to unobtrusively (ha!) snap a quick selfie for posterity and posted it on Facebook with the status "I wish I could think of one good reason to buy this"...   
It took 35 friends to give me a virtual thump on the side of the head to remind me that "Because it makes my heart happy" is a perfectly good reason in and of itself.

I have smart friends.

I'll be heading back to Target.


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