Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Step into the flow

I am by nature a planner.  I go on trips with my spreadsheets and travel documents in hard copy and I leave duplicates at home for whomever might need to know where I will be on any given day.

But every now and again, I squirm out of my comfort zone and spend a weekend or so in 'go with the flow' mode.

This weekend held many blessings for me as I just allowed myself to be in the flow of life.  My husband and I set out for an overnight getaway.  We experienced the wonders of a small town.  A church rummage sale where we found popcorn balls that took me back to my own youth.  The church ladies in Safford always made the best popcorn balls.   We enjoyed the miracles of the earth in a geothermal hot spring soak under a beautiful wide open sky.  We strolled the antique store, browsed a farmers market where an acapella group sang softly in the background and most importantly enjoyed each others company.

It's so helpful sometimes when we're stretching our wings on a growing edge when it turns out so remarkably wonderful.  It makes learning the lesson that much easier.  Am I transformed into a free spirit who always drifts with the wind... no, but I will remember my lesson and remember to step into the stream of life more often.

What persona do you need to remember to try on sometimes?


  1. I suppose for me... it's the let go and trust people to do what's in their best interest... and not be the person that nags and hounds... to just take care of my "garden" and let other's tend their own... {sigh}

  2. Let others tend their own... I like that Deb!